Member List

Michael Lewis

Michael  LewisPosition: President

Ryan Ring

Ryan RingPosition: Vice President, Philanthropy Chair

Roland Luckett

Roland LuckettPosition: Secretary, Community Service Chair

Dominic Vase

Dominic VasePosition: Treasurer

Benjamin Miller

Benjamin MillerPosition: New Member Education, Director of Academic Affairs

Connor Fritsche

Connor FritschePosition: Director of Academic Affairs

Jacob Fuchs

Jacob FuchsPosition: Director of Academic Affairs

Alexander Stout

Alexander StoutPosition: Sgt. at Arms

Andrew O'Shaughnessy

Andrew OPosition: Recruitment, Guide

Devon Derks

Devon  DerksPosition: Recruitment

Bradley Storms

Bradley StormsPosition: Road Chairman, Alumni

Chaz Churchill

Chaz ChurchillPosition: Director of Risk Management, Guide, Activities

Lee Peterson

Lee PetersonPosition: Social

Mike Miller

Mike MillerPosition: Chapter Advisor